Dr Sandra Salin
Lecturer in French


Dr Sandra Salin is a French native speaker with post graduate qualifications (including PGD and PhD) in English, French Studies and French as a Foreign Language. She holds a Certificate in Advanced Studies in Academic Practice and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She is also an External Examiner for French at the University of Bath and a proposal and manuscript reviewer for the academic journal Labor History, Routledge Language Learning and Cahiers de l'AFLS.

Dr Salin has worked as a French Lecturer in several universities in the UK, including Sheffield and Northumbria University. She joined Newcastle University School of Modern Languages in 2000, became a full-time Teaching Fellow in 2010 and a Lecturer in 2015. She currently teaches French on various language, translation and interpreting modules, from Stage 1 to PG level.

She manages the French strand of The Real Translation Project (http://www.realtranslationproject.com/), an extra curricular activity that gives final year students the opportunity to translate documents for local, national and international NGOs, and have their work published. She also works occasionally as a volunteer or freelance translator as well as a language advisor.

Dr Salin is also the Director of the Year Abroad, the main editor of the SML French Newsletter French@Newcastle  - http://www.ncl.ac.uk/sml/students/newsletters/ - of the SML Year Abroad Newsletter and of the Year Abroad magazine Flying Solo:http://www.ncl.ac.uk/sml/students/newsletters/documents/Flying.Solo2014-15.Final.pdf

Dr Salin  is a member of: the HaSS Faculty Language Resource Centre Advisory Board; the HaSS Faculty Year Abroad Co-ordinators' Standing Committee; the SML Board of Studies; the SML Teaching and Learning Committee; the SML Advisory Board with Heads of sections; the SML Language Review Working Party; and the SML Language Teaching Steering Group. This year she also joined the Faculty Futures Programme.

Her current interests include; Social history (19th-century France), Language learning and teaching; material and programme development; independent and reflective learning; students' engagement; the Year Abroad experience and intercultural awareness.


Current Teaching

TRI1111 - Interpreting Theory and Practice I (Module Leader + French Strand)

TRI2111 - Interpreting Theory and Practice (French Strand)

FRE2061 - French General Language (Module Leader)

FRE4061 - French General Language (Interpreting)

SML8012 - Translation Practice and Principles (Translation workshops)

SML8013 : Translation Workshop

SML8098 - Dissertation (Supervision of MA Translation and Interpreting Projects)


1) Year Abroad assessment

In June 2015, Dr Salin was awarded funding through the Newcastle University Innovation Fund to manage a project entitled “Studying Abroad and Beyond". The aims of this project is to develop a new, experience- and research-based Year Abroad module that will assess the benefits of the YA in terms of employability, independent learning and personal development.

2) Language learning and the community

In Spring 2015, Dr Salin was awarded funding thought the Newcastle Institute for Social Renewal to offer local young people on vocational courses a unique opportunity to be introduced to the French language in order to enhance the value of language learning in an area of education where it is traditionally underestimated, and to develop these young people's awareness of the international dimension and potential of their trade. 

3) Preparation for placements abroad

In Spring 2014 Dr Salin was awarded funding through the Newcastle University Innovation Fund to lead a project entitled “Better French Living Through Independent Learning” that aims to narrow the gap existing between research-based content modules and Language modules and to develop specifically designed online resources to help Newcastle University students prepare for the time they will spend in a francophone country as part of their studies. 



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