Dr Shiro Yoshioka
Lecturer in Japanese Studies

I obtained my PhD in comparative culture at International Christian University, Tokyo, in 2009. My dissertation analysed Miyazaki Hayao’s view of Japanese culture and history in comparison with conservative and liberal arguments on Japanese culture (nihonjinron).

 Office hours:

Tuesday 13:00-14:00

Wednesday 9:00-10:00

Friday 10:00-11:00

I will be on research leave in Semester 2. 

  • PhD: International Christian University (2009): Comparative culture

  • MPhil: Birmingham (2003): Modern and Contemporary British and Irish Drama

 My research interest spans over different disciplines such as history, cultural studies and media studies. Here are some keywords:

  • Japanese animation
  • Modern and contemporary Japanese history
  • Collective and mediated memory
  • Japanese cultural identity 
  • Nostalgia and popular history 
Specific areas of interest:
  • Films of Miyazaki Hayao (espeially his view of Japanese history and culture)
  • Nihonjinron (discourse on Japanese culture by the Japanese), especially the idea of "tradition" and "Japaneseness"
  • History and development of nostalgic view of modern Japanese history (especially the Taisho and Showa periods) 
  • Representation of such nostalgic image in popular texts (anime, manga, videogame, films, popular novels)
  • History of Tokyo and its representation in popular texts
  • Relationship between "formal" history (e.g. school education, history as an academic discipline) and popular history
  • Fandom of Japanese popular culture in and outside Japan

I am happy to supervise MA/PhD project related to any of above. I would encourage autonomous, thematic and interdisciplinary approach.

Research supervision:
  • External examiner: Verena Maser (PhD, Trier University, Germany, 2013): Yuri Same-Sex Intimacy in Japanese Popular Culture

  • Introductory talk on Hayao Miyazaki's "The Wind Rises". (Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle, 14 May 2014)

 Semester 1
  •  JPN4002 (Contemporary Japanese Animation): This final year module explores how we can deal with Japanese animation "seriously"/academically
Co-taught Modules: 
Semester 1
  • JPN1005 (Introduction to Japanese History and Culture)
  • SML1021 (Introduction to International Films)


  • JPN2004 (Contemporary Japanese Popular Culture
  • SML2011 (Cities in East Asian Cinema)


  • JPN4061 (Level D Further Advanced Japanese)


I will be on research leave in Semester 2.