Year Abroad

All undergraduate modern languages students spend a year abroad in Stage 3 (this usually equates to the third year of study on a four year programme). The Year Abroad is a unique and very valuable experience and one of the most attractive aspects of a degree in modern languages, for Student in Chinastudents and employers alike. The experience of living abroad will improve your language skills immeasurably. It will also do wonders for your personal and social confidence and give you a much broader outlook on the world.

The way in which you spend your year abroad is up to you. You can:

  • work as a teaching assistant in a school (UK nationals only);
  • study at a university (usually under Erasmus scheme), or;
  • undertake a work-based placement.

You can also divide your time between countries in which the languages you are studying are spoken, or spend the whole year in just one country. The one exception is for students wishing to take either Chinese or Japanese in their final year. The whole academic year abroad must be spent studying in either China or Japan.

Download the Year Abroad information guide for students and their legal guardians.

Detailed information for current Newcastle students can be found on Blackboard.

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