Translation and Interpreting Studies

In the modern world, communication across different cultures and languages is crucial. This means that skilled and qualified translators and interpreters are in high demand. Here at Newcastle, we offer postgraduate training in translation and interpreting to help you develop career skills in this exciting field, and research supervision to help you explore more deeply how translating and interpreting works.

If you have ambition and a talent for languages, the School of Modern Languages at Newcastle University has postgraduate study programmes to train you for an exciting career in this field. You can specialise in English and Chinese, or English and French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Staff and PhD students at the School also conduct research work in Translating and Interpreting (T&I) studies. This is a multi-faceted inter-discipline where different fields, like linguistics, literary and cultural studies, interact and spark ideas from each other.

We have a number of graduate profiles to allow you to see what some of our students have gone on to do after their degrees.

Currently we have over a hundred MA and PhD students enrolled on our T&I programmes. Come and join us!

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