Summer Vacation Exercise Classes 2015

Monday 8 June - Friday 2 October

Please Note:

  1. Pilates will run from 4pm-5pm on Monday 28 September.
  2. There will be no Pump & Tone Class on Tuesday 29 September.
  3. Spin Cycling will run from 6.15pm-7pm on Tuesday 29 September.
  12.30pm-1.30pm Spin Cycling Studio Fraser  
  12pm-1pm Pilates Multi B Kate  
  5.30pm-6pm Metafit Multi B Suzanne  
  11.30am-12pm Abs Blast Studio Sheri  
  12pm-1pm Pump & Tone Multi B Sheri  
  12.30pm-1.30pm Forest Yoga Studio Conrad  
  5.15pm-6pm Cardio Combat Multi B Sheri  
  6pm-6.45pm Spin Cycling Studio Lynne  
  7.45am-8.30am Spin Cycling Studio Sally  
  12pm-12.30pm Kettlebell Blast Multi B Sally  
  12.30pm-1.15pm Total Tabata Studio Sally  
  5.15pm-6pm Hi-Lo Aerobics Studio Sheri  
  12pm-12.45pm Spin Cycling Studio Sheri  
  12.30pm-1pm Metafit Multi B Sally  
  5.15pm-6pm Pump & Tone Multi B Sheri  
  6pm-7pm Yogalates Studio Sheri  
  12.15pm-1.15pm Spin Conditioning Multi B Fraser  
  12.15pm-1.15pm Cardio Combat Studio Sheri  
  4pm- 5pm Power Yoga Studio Kate  
  5.00pm- 5.30pm Metafit Multi B Suzanne  
  10.15am-11am Kettlebells Multi B Sally   
  11.15am-12pm Spin Cycling Studio Sally  


  A mixture of aerobic and toning, helping to improve cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone
  Spinning Classes can be a great way to get a vigourous cardiovascular workout.
  Exercise to improve posture and tone, increasing flexibility and strentgh whilst revitalising the body and mind.
  Energetic and calorie burning dance classes, designed to increase rhythmic and co-ordination skills, using body energising movements.
  High energy exercise to music to burn calories, improve muscular tone and boost cardiovascular fitness.
  • Classes are FREE to Gold Members and £2 per class to Silver Members & £6 per class to NON MEMBERS.
  • Classes can be booked online up to two weeks in advance or during opening hours in person at the Sports Centre Reception or via the telephone - 0191 208 7225.

PLEASE NOTE: Gold members who book a class and fail to show up or withdraw from a class without giving 3 hours notice will be liable to a £3 no show or a £2 late cancellation fee.

More information

Please e-mail Denis Murphy or telephone 0191 208 7225