Summer Vacation Membership 2014

Want to get fit for the holidays?

Then let us help you out with our special Summer Vacation Membership packages. We’re sure you’ll find something to suit, whether you just want to exercise a few weeks before your holiday or, having a bit more time over the summer months, you want to start a fitness campaign.

Check out our Summer Vacation Membership packages below

Type of Membership Student Staff
Full Summer Silver
(19 May - 30 September 2014)
£25.00 £37.50
Full Summer Gold
(19 May - 30 September 2014)
£68.00 £110.00
30 Day Silver
(applications accepted from 19 May - 1 September 2014)
£10.00 £15.00
30 Day Gold
(applications accepted from 19 May - 1 September 2014)
£26.00 £35.00

Already a Member? Want to Upgrade?

Full Summer Upgrade
19 May - 30 September 2014
30 Day Upgrade
applications accepted from 19 May - 1 September 2014
*Student Members £43.00 *Student Members £16.00
Staff Members £72.50 Staff Members £20.00

* Summer Vacation Membership is available to all Higher Education Students. To obtain a Student category membership you must hold a current student Smart/Union Card from your place of study.

Please Note: All first time GOLD members are required to complete an induction course before using the Health & Fitness Suites. The induction is FREE and can either be done in person at the Sports Centre with one of our qualified instructors or you can view the e-induction online

Please apply in person at Sports Centre reception Tel: 0191 208 7225