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Cup Success For Hendo

published on: 10th May 2013

thumbnail Dominique and Caitlin Beat The Bulge!

The winners of the DFDS Seaways ‘Beat the Bulge Triathlon Fitness Challenge’ are Dominique Jones and Caitlin Smith. A formidable team who ran a combined 26 miles, cycled 156 miles and completed 50 miles on our X-Trainer’s to pass the finish line.

published on: 26th April 2013

thumbnail The Great Tyne Rowing Challenge

Row 50km (50,000m) along the River Tyne starting at Chollerford and finishing at Tynemouth
using the Rowing Machines in the Fitness Suite. Participants have got 7 weeks to complete the challenge.

published on: 25th March 2013

thumbnail Metabolic Conditioning

Metabolic conditioning is a fusion of anaerobic STRENGTH and aerobic CARDIO exercise performed under a set work period (45-60 secs) and rest period (10-20 secs) in a circuit. Watch A Video of this class.


published on: 20th March 2013

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