The Elite Athletes Squad Mathew Tait former Elite Athlete Squad member

What is it?

The Elite Athletes Squad is a specific support programme for up to 25 high performance athletes excelling in their chosen sport. Squad selection criteria is based on past, current and potential sports performance. The programme is specifically designed to help every athlete reach their full sporting potential whilst maintaining high academic standards in their chosen subject.

What it offers?

Each athlete is supported by a team of professional tutors who provide sports science and pastoral support. All athletes attend a tailor made lecture/practical programme covering topics such as sports physiology, nutrition, psychology, vision screening, injury prevention and management, strength & conditioning and lifestyle management. Squad members also receive full medical and physiotherapy screening by a sports physician and a Team GB physiotherapist. All members of this squad are upgraded to Gold Membership for the Sports Centre.

For further details please contact the Performance Sport Team - Tel No: 0191 208 7224, Email: