Recruitment Sports Scholarships

Newcastle University is looking to recruit quality student athletes who want to achieve sporting excellence and academic success.

The Centre for Physical Recreation and Sport (CPRS) will award specific Recruitment Sports Scholarships to prospective students who excel in a recognised Performance Sport.

The Recruitment Sport Scholarships

Up to 25 Recruitment Sports Scholarships will be offered across a range of sports on the Performance Sport Programme in any one academic year. The Recruitment Sports Scholarships are awarded at 3 levels and are worth up to £1000, £1250 and £1500.

All successful Recruitment Sports Scholars will have their Silver membership upgraded to Gold.

There is no support offered through the Recruitment Sports Scholarships to help finance the athlete’s academic course or associated expenses.

Applications will be considered until June of the year applicants are planning on studying (i.e. June 2015 for September 2015 Academic Entry).

Academic requirements

Recruitment Sports Scholarship awards can be offered to students who gain either an unconditional offer or a conditional offer from the University. The award will only be confirmed once an athlete confirms Newcastle as their first choice and registers at the University.

A Recruitment Sports Scholarship does not afford any academic concessions for entry onto a course or towards any course requirements.

Sporting requirements

Applicants will be required to demonstrate previous and current sporting achievements and a commitment to continue athletic excellence. Selection criteria will be very much based on representative honours at senior or age group level at regional and national level and / or individuals who are part of a NGB performance squad.

Expectations of the scholar

Successful recruitment sports sholars will receive substantial funding and preferential treatment from the CPRS. As such certain requirements will be expected from the student.

A contract will have to be signed stating that he/she abides by the terms and conditions set out in the contract. These include representing the University in your sport, being an ambassador for both the University and your sport and having a valid sports centre membership.

Athletes awarded a Recruitment Sports Scholarship will be required to outline how the Scholarship is going to be spent by completing a Service Level Agreement (SLA). This will ensure that the athlete channels their Scholarship award to the most appropriate support services for themselves and their sport and use the award effectively. Areas such as coaching, travel, competition expenses, training expenses, sports medicine, equipment, strength and conditioning would be covered.

How to apply

If you feel you meet the pre-requisites of academic standards and sporting pedigree then application forms are available to download and submit on line. Please go to the link below:

Online Recruitment Sports Scholarship Application Form

All applicants will be considered and awards distributed at the discretion of the CPRS. Those athletes successful in gaining a Recruitment Sports Scholarship award would be eligible to apply for the University Elite Athletes Squad. However, these athletes would not be able to apply for the Performance Sports Scholarship Award in their 1st year at University.

For further details please contact the Performance Sport Team - Tel No: 0191 208 7224, Email: