Sports Volunteering

The Newcastle University Sports Volunteer Programme offers students the chance to develop new skills, enhance their CV’s and try something different. We offer volunteering opportunities in a variety of different areas embedded within the local community.
The Job market today is increasingly competitive and we want to add extra value to your degree!
If you want to...

  • Enhance your employability
  • Develop transferable life skills such as leadership, communication and team work
  • Put something back into the local community
  • Do something rewarding

Then the Sports Volunteer programme is for you!

"I really enjoy being a volunteer netball coach with the university. It's a great opportunity to share my skills, learn from other coaches, as well as gain qualifications myself. Working with primary school-aged children is challenging and fun at the same time. I love seeing the girls develop and improve week on week, and encouraging them to be passionate about a sport that I myself love. The support from the university in making these links is really helpful too, as otherwise I probably wouldn't have got involved in coaching in Newcastle."

Jo Murnane, NUNC Club Captain 2012-13


This is an ncl+ opportunity