Team based IT training based on job responsibilities and real data

This initiative encourages team managers to work closely with the Staff Development Unit to identify a teams’ training requirements, agree the number of training sessions required and most essentially to develop exercises based on the department data and files used by staff in their work situations. Common outcomes from this type of tailored IT team training include:

  • Immediate improvements in staff performance, accuracy and effectiveness         
  • Improvements in staff IT skills that match their job responsibilities: often in data analysis techniques and producing data summaries used for example for: REF analysis, Executive Board, Financial usage, Research Impact, Student Recruitment
  • Achieves enormous time and efficiency savings: often reducing time spent on tasks from days to hours or even less, thus freeing up individuals for other tasks 
  • Creates teams who can better support each other and improves their ability to deal with workload peaks and staff shortages
  • Notable improvements to staff morale, confidence and ability levels

To view some of the excellent tailored feedback go to: 

To arrange tailored team training for your staff based around their data and work requirements please contact Valerie Stuart by email at:

Published on: 18th August 2016

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