NU School Governers

NU School Governors

The University’s Vision is that of a civic university, underpinning this is the mission to play a leading role in the economic, social and cultural development of the North East of England. The positive difference we make to the city of Newcastle and the wider North East is a critical part of our role as a civic university. The University’s staff are crucial to delivering benefits to individuals, organisations and to society as a whole; putting academic knowledge, creativity and expertise to work, to come up with innovations and solutions that make a difference.

Additionally, through the University’s widening participation strategy, particular priority has been given to activities with young people, teachers, parents and local schools to raise aspirations towards higher education within our local communities, where progression rates into higher education are among the lowest in the UK.

It is within this context that the University has established an initiative to encourage and support more staff in contributing to the strategic development of local state schools and colleges in the University’s local communities by volunteering as School Governors. 

The aims of the initiative are to:
  • Help staff to find volunteering placements as governors in local schools through SGOSS – Governors for Schools
  • Provide a network for University staff working as governors to share best practice, support each other and act as positive ambassadors for the University’s work with schools and colleges