About Mentoring

About Mentoring

There are many definitions of mentoring.

Mentoring is a distinct relationship were one person supports the learning, development and progress of another………A mentor provides support by offering information, advice and assistance in a way that empowers the mentee. (Starr, J, 2014)

Mentoring is a voluntary, but formal, arrangement whereby `an experienced individual, outside the reporting relationship, holds regular meetings and discussions and takes a personal interest in guiding and supporting the development of a less experienced person in progressing within and beyond their immediate role.’ (Hale, R, 2000)

Mentoring can offer fantastic learning and development opportunities both for the mentor and the mentee.

Mentoring can be beneficial to the mentee by:

  • Bridging a gap in knowledge
  • Providing an opportunity to be challenged in a positive way
  • Providing a sounding board to help understand difficult situations
  • Helping you work out direction and appropriate choices
  • Help you develop greater confidence
  • Help you develop strategies for managing difficult relationships
  • Help you put things into context or perspective
  • Help you to grow your networks

Benefits for the mentor:

  • Sharing your experiences and knowledge can confirm their value
  • Greater learning from your own experiences by simplifying and distilling key lessons
  • A sense of satisfaction from helping others achieve their potential
  • An opportunity to challenge and be challenged in a positive way
  • An opportunity to ‘give something back’
  • Developing others is a useful skill and can make you a better manager.

NU Mentoring is one of many mentoring schemes in the University but the only one open to ALL staff – see our Mentoring Map (PDF 185KB) to discover the best option for you.

The scheme runs in cycles and we are currently mid-cycle with our first intake of mentees/mentors.

The next intake will be January 2018 (with registration opening in December).

To register your interest as a mentee or mentor now, please contact Vicky Hall on ext. 82277.