NU Mentoring

Our mentoring scheme, NU Mentoring is open to all members of University staff.

The scheme runs in cycles and we are currently mid-cycle with our first intake of mentees/mentors.

The next intake will be January 2018 (with registration opening early November).

To register your interest as a mentee or mentor now, please contact Vicky Hall on ext. 82277.

Which mentoring scheme is best for me?

Use our mentoring map to help discover the best mentoring scheme for you. (PDF 185KB)

NU Mentoring is intended to complement any subject or discipline specific mentoring already taking place across schools and faculties. There is a consensus that this type of mentoring is best delivered at the most local level.

For example, a researcher who wishes to publish in a particular journal is unlikely to find the most appropriate support in the NU Mentoring scheme. They would be best placed to speak to a more experienced academic colleague within their own discipline.

The same researcher, may however, be struggling with new line management responsibilities and may want to discuss different approaches with an experienced line manager. In this case, NU Mentoring may be more appropriate as there will be a larger pool of experienced managers to learn from.

For further information about the scheme contact Julie Bullimore or Vicky Hall on ext. 82277.