NU Mentoring

NU Mentoring is a University-wide mentoring scheme open to all members of University staff.

NU Mentoring offers:

  • Mentoring relationships lasting up to 6 months (and longer if necessary)
  • Defined mentoring ‘cycles’, meaning clearer communication and expectations for mentors and mentees
  • Training for NEW mentors and
  • Briefing sessions for mentees
  • Training opportunities for mentors
  • Opportunities for personal and professional development in the following areas:
    • Exploring career options
    • Developing assertiveness and self-confidence
    • Dealing with change and developing personal resilience
    • Moving into a management or leadership role
    • Finding solutions to work-based problems
    • Managing time and priorities or finding the right work/life balance
    • Having an impartial sounding board to explore solutions to issues at work time

Which mentoring scheme is best for me?

Use our mentoring map to help discover the best mentoring scheme for you. (PowerPoint Doc 44KB)

NU Mentoring is intended to complement any subject or discipline specific mentoring already taking place across schools and faculties. There is a consensus this type of mentoring is best delivered at the most local level.

How to Register

The current cycle of mentoring is underway and registrations are now closed. If you are interested in signing up for our next cycle, please contact Vicky Hall (ext. 82277).