Guidelines for New Staff

Newcastle University believes that its success is ultimately dependent on the efforts and quality of its staff. It sees the capability and commitment of its staff at all levels and in all roles, as essential to the achievement of its goals.

It is for these reasons that this University is committed to providing appropriate induction to new members of staff.

Planned and systematic induction will ensure that you have a greater understanding of the University as a whole and of your specific role within the academic unit/service unit in which you work.

Your induction programme will be designed to help you become familiar with the requirements of your post and adapt to your new working environment as quickly as possible.

The Induction Process

You will be invited to attend the University’s Welcome Event which is organised by Organisational Development to provide you with an overview of the University, its culture, structure, norms and how it functions.

Local Induction

The majority of your induction will be carried out within your academic unit/service unit. Faculty information sessions are also arranged as part of research staff inductions.

An induction co-ordinator and buddy may be allocated to oversee your induction.

For a useful source of information during your first few months see our Useful Links guide (PDF, 95KB).

You should discuss any outstanding issues with your induction co-ordinator so that arrangements can be made to ensure these are covered.

A summary of the types of support we provide can be found here:

Summary of Research Staff Support (PDF, 250KB)