What is Induction?

Induction is a process of familiarisation with the University, its culture, structure, norms and how it functions. An effective induction programme can determine how quickly new staff settle into the organisation and the speed at which they develop to reach their full potential. It is an integral component of a successful and long-term relationship between the University and our new employees.

At a local level induction will provide new staff with an understanding of:

  • their own role
  • the role of their team
  • support available to help them carry out their duties effectively
  • their academic unit/service unit's key objectives

Given that the investment needed to recruit – which according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is currently running at approximately 25% of salary, those involved in recruiting new staff need to ensure they get it right first time. Also having made their selection they need to follow this up with careful nurturing and development of the individual during their first few months of employment.

Benefits of Induction

The University (and therefore its academic unit/service unit) has obligations and duties by law to provide new staff with information about the employment contract, its terms and conditions and health and safety issues in the workplace. However induction is much more than that. It needs to provide new staff with all the information, support, advice and development they may need.

Your view of our University and your Academic Unit/Service Unit is strongly influenced by the impressions formed during the first few weeks on the job, and in particular by those of the first day. A well thought out induction can help ensure that these impressions are positive and that you become familiar with the requirements of your post and adapt to your new working environment as quickly as possible. Most of the induction process takes place in the academic unit/service unit so that you are introduced to your colleagues, to specific procedures and expected ways of working.

Hearing about Newcastle University's strategic objectives at the Welcome Event will also help you see how your role fits into the bigger picture. This will enable you to better understand where your career can develop within the University in the future.