Overview of Provision

The University aims to provide the most appropriate support and development for all of its leaders and managers on the basis that effective leadership and management drives a successful university.

Each year the University reviews its leadership succession challenges and leadership development plans through a university level Leadership Succession Strategy Group, chaired by the VC and which is informed by business plans, the outputs from PDRs and other related career and performance conversations.

The university’s leadership and management development provision, which is centrally delivered, is driven by the strategic and faculty planning processes and involves the senior leaders themselves so as to ensure that development activities are in line with business objectives.

The University’s leadership and management development provision aims to reach all leaders and managers from Executive Board members through to front line supervisors ie; all managers with a responsibility for staff and resources. It recognises that the most junior managers have a part to play in the delivery of a harmonious, motivated and productive staff and that more senior mangers have a key role in leading and managing this strategically.

The University's Aims

University Managers' Aims

The University therefore aims to ensure that leaders and mangers of all levels can access appropriate development opportunities at all stages of their careers.