Leadership Succession

For the last few years Newcastle University has been attempting to formalise its management of succession to leadership roles. There are now procedures in place to ensure that succession issues are more accurately anticipated, and that there is more effective 'talent pool' to meet future needs. The University's Leadership Succession Process (PDF) is shown diagrammatically here. Lynne Howlett, Assistant Director (Leadership Talent), will be happy to provide more details on this if required.

In addition to the formal University procedures, senior managers can also engage themselves informally in the leadership succession process by managing their own development. Activities that you may want to consider include:

  • creating a Leadership Development Plan, and discussing this with your manager
  • ensuring that your PDR is up to date
  • connecting and networking with more senior managers in the University
  • participating in the specialist development opportunities listed on this site
  • requesting a place on a Development Centre

Lynne Howlett is happy to talk confidentially with you about your development in the context of the University's leadership succession strategy. Please do not hesitate to contact Lynne for more information.