European Computer Driving Licence

The European Computer Driving Licence® (ECDL) is an internationally recognised qualification which enables people to demonstrate their competence in computer skills.

Officiated by The British Computer Society, its the UK's fastest growing IT user qualification , currently recognised in over 125 countries.

ECDL is designed specifically for those who wish to gain a benchmark qualification in computing to enable them to develop their IT skills and enhance their career prospects.

The 7 modules are :

  • Security for IT Users
  • Computer Essentials - Windows 7
  • Word Processing - Word 2010
  • Spreadsheets - Excel 2010
  • Database - Access 2010
  • Presentation - PowerPoint 2010
  • Online Essentials - Using Email and the Internet (IE8)

Organisational Development offers this qualification via web based learning software.

For details on how you can register for this qualification or for further information please contact Vicky Beesley on ext. 83424 or email