Modern Minutes

Aimed At: This workshop is aimed at anyone who has to take notes at formal or informal meetings and create minutes for groups or committees.

Workshop Overview

This practical and participative workshop prepares people for all elements of the role of minute-taker; from meeting preparation, creating an agenda, taking the notes and writing up the minutes. It helps people to clearly define the modern role of minute-taker and therefore gives clear direction and purpose. It asks the question, ‘how can the minute-taker help a group or committee become more productive?’ and provides tried and tested methods on how to achieve this. Its main focus is to give people the opportunity to practice a structure to help them learn what to note and what to leave out. It also shows people when, why and how to be assertive during the meeting. It explains how to create minutes that are to the point, third person, past tense and importantly, create action. This workshop will help people feel more confident in attending a meeting, taking the notes and producing the minutes.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Define the modern role of an effective minute-taker
  • Identify situations for assertive communication; decide when and why the minute-taker should speak up and what to say
  • State the preparation requirements for a successful meeting
  • Distinguish three agenda styles and decide which styles aid a productive meeting
  • Explain what to incorporate on the meeting invitation to help attendees to prepare
  • Recognise the problems associated with trying to note everything down that every one says
  • Use a five-point structure to determine what to note and what to leave out
  • Select writing skills that create concise and factual minutes (without waffle and repetition)
  • Judge the elements (from your notes) which should be included/excluded in the minutes and apply them to a structure/layout
Success Factors
  • Looking to the Future : Gathering information
  • Inspiring others : Communicating
  • Taking responsibility : Planning and organising
Outline Programme

The workshop programme is as follows:

  • The modern and assertive minute-taker
  • Meeting preparation
  • Agenda style to improve productivity
  • Note-taking structure - what to note and what to leave out
  • Structuring and writing clear and concise minutes
Booking Details

9:15am - 12:30pm

    It is not possible to access the workshop booking form unless connected to the University's campus network, should you wish to book a place on this workshop please contact the Staff Development Unit on 0191 208 6119 direct.


    ½ Day


    Jane Eggleston extension 3451

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