Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Aimed At: This workshop is aimed at anyone who has an interest in working well with others.

Workshop Overview

The concept of Emotional Intelligence (EI) brings new depth to the understanding of human intelligence. Broadly speaking emotional intelligence is concerned with understanding oneself and others, relating to people and adapting to ones immediate surroundings thereby enhancing our overall success.

Current research clearly shows that EI is a significantly more accurate predictor of success than IQ. EI helps to predict success because it reflects how a person applies awareness to their immediate situation. Fortunately EI can be developed and focusing on the development of key EI realms is a very effective way of helping managers develop themselves and their staff.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Know what the key realms of EI are
  • Understand how an exploration of EI will enhance their success at work (and is likely to have positive spin-offs outside work)
  • Understand the key behaviours and gained knowledge that can ensure they operate as effectively as possible within the EI realms of self regard, emotional self awareness, empathy, assertiveness, interpersonal relationship and stress tolerance
Success Factors
  • Inspiring others : Communicating
  • Inspiring others : Influencing
  • Working together : Team-working
  • Working together : Understanding others
Outline Programme

The workshop programme is as follows:

  • Key facts and research on EI
  • Key skills and awareness which aid the enhancement of EI
  • An exploration of your behaviour on-assertion – aggression continuum and clarity about its impact
  • Empathy and listening – practice session and focus on listening to what is being communicated
  • Self regard - an exploration of how self image develops and how we can improve our own self-image and that of others
  • Key factors that affect the quality of relationships we have
  • Understanding how beliefs affect our stress tolerance – key drivers
Booking Details

Lynn Leahy

9:15am - 4:30pm

    It is not possible to access the workshop booking form unless connected to the University's campus network, should you wish to book a place on this workshop please contact the Staff Development Unit on 0191 208 6119 direct.


    1 Day


    Jane Eggleston extension 3451

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