Keeping In Touch, E-mail Lists

The Chaplaincy maintains two e-mail lists, one for students and another for staff.

Both are local e-mail lists and are moderated via a moderator in the Chaplaincy. This ensures that you will not be inundated with irrelevant or junk messages.

Student and staff lists

Student Christian Network

The student list is called, student-christian-network, and is mostly used to publicise Chaplaincy events, but the moderator will consider forwarding messages from members.

Staff Christian Group

The staff list is called, SCG (Staff Christian Group). This is used to publicise group meetings and Chaplaincy events as well as to exchange information and ideas among members.

How to join a list

To join either list, send an e-mail to

The message must be in the format: subscribe listname, firstname, lastname, where listname is either, student-christian-network or scg. For example: subscribe scg, Bloggs, Joe. Leave the subject: blank.

Sending a message to a list

Send an e-mail to, where listname is either, student-christian-network or scg. For example,

The moderator will review what you have written and may then forward it to all members of the list.

To leave a list

Go to the local e-mail list website, log in with your campus username and password, and follow the instructions to manage any of your list subscriptions.

If you have any difficulty using these lists, please e-mail