What provision is the University making?

Newcastle University is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment to enable our students to ensure that they are able to observe Ramadan alongside their studying and working commitments. The arrangements we have in place are:

• The University Muslim Prayer Room is situated in the King George VI building, on the junction of King’s Road and St Thomas Street and the entrance is from the King’s Road. The Prayer Room has a prayer Hall (Masjid) and Sisters praying room, a Library, a Kitchen, Toilets and Wudhu facilities for men and women. The Prayer Room phone number is: 0191 208 5658.

• The Islamic Society (ISoc) is a student society run by and for students, and is affiliated to the Union Society of the University. It is led by an elected Executive Committee, and most of its activities are carried out at the University Muslim Prayer Room, which the Society is responsible for. The Society was established to present Islam in its true perspective, to promote and enhance mutual understanding between Muslims and others, to unite Muslim students and help them become better Muslims. The Society tries to provide a ‘home from home’ for Muslim students during their stay in Newcastle. More information can be found here.

• The University’s Chaplaincy Team offers support to staff and students. Further information about the University’s chaplaincy service is available at:

• There are facilities and services at several nearby Mosques throughout Newcastle. Further information and details can be found at here.