Buddhist Chaplain

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Andrew White

From my early career as an arts graduate in London I first moved to the North East in the early 1990s where I worked in education for ten years whilst raising a family. An MA in Theology and Religious Studies at York St John brought me into direct contact with Theravada Buddhism and the gentle wisdom of those following the Thai Forest Tradition here in Britain.

The connection was fairly instant and started me on a path that has brought me closer to the teachings of the Buddha and the practice of Buddhism in daily life. In 2011 I was asked to join the Monastery Committee at Harnham Buddhist Monastery, which is about 16 miles from Newcastle.

As a lay Buddhist, I have served on the committee for three years, attending retreats and enjoying the festivals and daily practice during that time. It was through my involvement with Buddhism I first met Sujatin Johnson, senior Buddhist Minister and Acharya with the Order of Amida Buddha, and that began another journey and a new friendship that has led me to the Chaplaincy at Newcastle University which I’m delighted to be able to support as Buddhist Chaplain.