The Buddhist Chaplain

Sujatin Johnson

Sujatin Johnson

Reverend Sujatin Johnson is a chaplain with the Order of Amida Buddha. She was ordained in France in July 2002. The Order of Amida Buddha is sponsored by the Amida Trust, a charitable (ie non-profit) body registered in England to advance the contemporary relevance of Buddhism. The main training centre and seminary is based in Leicester.

Sujatin runs the Newcastle Centre in Gosforth, some two miles north of Newcastle University. There are regular meditation meetings and Buddhist services at the centre. For more information see Amida Newcastle.

Amida Trust is a new Western Pure Land group. We practice an outward reaching form of spiritual life. The Buddha's teaching of ethics and compassion have wide social as well as personal implications.

The Buddhist life implies concern for the wellbeing of all sentient beings in practical as well as spiritual ways. This means concern for society and for the environment.

The Amida practice is to keep the Buddha in mind at all times. It is the Buddha's vision that guides us and we are working to deepen our appreciation of his work, his presence in our lives and his wide-ranging compassion. We are working together to contribute to the realisation of his vision.

Amida offers a radical, socially engaged approach in which inner and outer change are inseparable.