Welcome to Maths-Aid

The Robinson Library, location of Maths-Aid

Maths-Aid is a drop-in centre providing a free and confidential service to all students of Newcastle University who are not in the School of Mathematics and Statistics. We are dedicated to providing professional assistance and advice on all aspect of mathematics and statistics including:

  • preparation for exams
  • developing problem solving and numerical skills
  • advice on correcting mistakes and overcoming problems in everyday academic work
  • help in understanding lecture notes
  • advice on graduate numerical skills tests

Mathematics and Statistics problems appear everywhere. Many, if not all, careers demand a certain level of numerical skill and mathematical reasoning. Most degrees contain some mathematical element and even everyday life requires some skill at mathematics.

The ever expanding and exuberant Maths-Aid Team understand the various problems that accompany these skills. Whether it’s a lack of practice, a long time away from studying maths, or simply a gap in your knowledge, we are here to offer free and confidential one-to-one support.

Opened in 2004 with a vast array of expertise, our purpose is to provide guidance to students from any discipline on their numerical and mathematical skills in a friendly and supportive environment. We are an experienced drop-in service, so there is no need to make an appointment, and we offer:

We have seen a high number of students over the years and are very proud of the standard of help that we offer. This is compounded by the increasing numbers of people who come to see us, and the feedback that we receive from them. Students come to us from all over the University with many different queries and problems. We are committed to offering the best help we possibly can.

We look forward to seeing you soon!