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Postgraduates (by appointment only)

Often the nature of help required by postgraduate students is very specialised. Because of this and limited resources we regret that Maths-Aid is unable to guarantee any form of help in these cases; our main function is to help undergraduates, especially in the first year of their courses.

We suggest that postgraduate students contact their supervisors in the first instance for any maths or stats related assistance that they may require.

In exceptional circumstances, and after alternative routes have been explored, please contact us via Andrea with the details of your query. We will make every effort to answer you via an appointment with a suitable tutor if one is available, but as stated above we cannot guarantee that we will be able to help.


Maths-Aid is run as a drop-in service so there is no need for undergraduates to make an appointment – just turn up during our opening hours and wait for a tutor to see you. Waiting times are often not long but we do ask that you help to speed the process up by making sure you bring all relevant notes with you. This will help us to help you more effectively.

During busy times we may have to limit the amount of time we can spend in a single session with you. If no-one is waiting, however, then there is no such restriction. If you require further help or more time with one of our tutors, then please feel free to return at any time.