About ncl+

The highly desirable ncl+ pen

ncl+ is all about adding to your degree. Whatever your ambitions, degree subject or stage, ncl+ opportunities will build your confidence and help you make the most of your time at Newcastle University. ncl+ opportunities are for all current students at Newcastle University.

Graduate skills - what employers want

We asked hundreds of employers to identify the skills that they look for in their future employees. Using these results we developed the Newcastle Graduate Skills Framework (PDF: 274KB).

The range of ncl+ opportunities aims to develop these skills and help you to stand out from the competition.

More than a CV boost

Life isn’t just about having a good job. People face challenges every day outside work which require a variety of skills. That’s why ncl+ opportunities do more than just help you to enhance your CV: they help to develop essential skills to prepare you for life after university.

Whether you plan to continue your studies, travel the world, become self-employed or enter the world of work, taking part in any of the ncl+ opportunities will help you prepare for your future after you graduate.

Need more convincing?