Student Ambassador

Tamma Carel

Tamma Carel, 3rd year Biology and Psychology

Why I got involved

During my second year of University I was searching for a part-time job and spotted an advert for a paid position as a student ambassador. It seemed the perfect opportunity; I thought that working for the University would look better on my CV then working in a random bar. After careful consideration I realised how valuable the experience would be for my future career and enhancing my skills.

Main roles and activities

I have given campus and accommodation tours, and been involved with a range of activities developed to encourage young people to consider a future studying at university. I have represented Newcastle University at open days, public lectures, ACE (Aiming for a College Education ) days, NUTTS (Newcastle University Talks and Tours) visits, PARTNERS talks, events at the Great North Museum and participated in summer residential camps.

Most enjoyable aspect

I love the variety of work on offer as a student ambassador; it’s not like your average mundane part-time bar job, it’s never boring, and no two days are ever the same. I enjoy working with such a great group of ambassadors at every event, we have become good friends, and it is lovely to work alongside them to promote the University.

Most rewarding aspect

I enjoy discussing University experiences with Year 10 students who haven’t really ever considered the option of attending university in the future. I am always honest about university life and am thrilled when my enthusiasm and advice encourages students to rethink their educational options and seriously consider applying for a degree for the first time.

Fitting it around my degree

Surprisingly easily; as you are not committed to a set amount of hours, we can chose when we want to work. There’s no pressure – you can do as much or as little as you want and that really helps, especially around deadline time.

How I've benefited

Before I became an ambassador I suffered from severe stage fright. Through the large range of events I have been involved in my confidence has increased beyond belief; I now feel confident enough to speak in front of large groups of people, something I never thought I would ever feel comfortable with. Thanks to the student ambassador scheme and the encouragement of my colleagues I now feel prepared to take on any challenge employment might throw my way in the future.

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