Course Rep


Christopher Carlton, 3rd year M.Eng Civil Engineering

Why I got involved

I wanted to gain more confidence speaking in public and voicing my opinion. As a civil engineer, once I graduate, I have to be confident enough to present my ideas.

Main roles and activities

As a course rep, our responsibility is to act as the student voice. So if any student in the course have any issues or any sort of ideas, my job is to deliver it to the staff. It could be any issues, such as coursework or any subject matter. I am the acting as voice of the matter of the subject.

Most enjoyable aspect

The fact that I could work with the staff and the committee, and get the opportunity to explain how these problems exist. It’s a great opportunity to have a chance to do a collaborative work with various people.

How I've benefited

It’s really beneficial in term of social aspect, as you could talk to different students and staffs. Also, you could have the direct chance to attend the meetings and understand the logic behind the School of Civil Engineering.

The challenges

Sometimes you get the ideas from the students which is unrealistic, so it shouldn’t be put forward to the staff. You need to have a kind of professional final approach to overcome this, such as suggesting to conduct a survey rather than turning down the ideas, although it is just come from a student.

Advice for other applicants

Just give it a try! I don’t see any problems or issues with it. It doesn’t take too much time. You’ll become more involved in the school aspect. You’ll also sort of understand how the school functions and what direction they are try go. Moreover, you’ll gain a lot of social aspects by speaking to different students, so you could know a lot of students in your course as well, which is beneficial.


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