CV Adviser


Ashley Clay, 3rd year Classical Studies

Why I got involved

I was working for JobsOC (Jobs On Campus) and heard about the CV adviser position when I was working on the Careers Service Welcome desk. I found the job ad on Vacancies Online. It looked like an interesting role and because it's on campus, I don’t have to travel too far.

Main roles and responsibilities

My job involves checking students’ CVs, covering letters and LinkedIn profiles, offering feedback and advice on how to improve and tailor them. I also provide information on the Careers Service’s resources and activities.

Most enjoying aspect

It’s a really humble feeling knowing that whenever someone comes to see you, they are more likely to be successful in their applications because of the advice that we give them. It is a very rewarding job. It’s also really flexible around my studies, particularly at exam time, and the team are lovely!

How I've benefited

Lots of benefits! You can keep up to date with what employers are looking for and I have a very good CV now!

The challenges

There were a few things that I wasn’t aware of previously, for example, I didn’t realise that we would also check LinkedIn profiles. I didn’t know much about LinkedIn so I was a bit nervous, but the CV adviser training helped me feel more confident.

Advice for other applicants

I would always recommend using the Careers Service before applying, for example, to get feedback on your CV or for advice on interview techniques. It’s quite competitive, so your application needs to be good! I would definitely recommend applying though – it’s such a great opportunity!

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