CV Adviser

Christopher Plant, PhD Speech and Language Sciences

Why I got involved

I started working with the Careers Service after receiving an e-mail notification about the availability of student positions within their team. I applied for the position because I thought it would give me the opportunity to earn some extra cash whilst developing my graduate skills working for a reliable and renowned company.

Main roles and activities

My roles and responsibilities as a member of the team are to help students develop their CVs so that they are more attractive to prospective employers. I offer advice to students and graduates on how to create an effective CV and write outstanding covering letters. I mainly work at the Careers Service, however we often attend events such as employer recruitment fairs.

Most enjoyable aspect

I really enjoy meeting a wide variety of students and graduates coming from varied backgrounds and with different ideas of what they hope to do in the future. I have met so many people through working for the Careers Service, making a lot of new friends, and experiencing and learning about a large range of different careers, opportunities and cultures existing both within and outside the region and University.

Most rewarding aspect

Helping students and graduates is always very rewarding. Some students walk through the door with no idea how to enhance their CV so that it looks appealing to prospective employers; some walk in with a blank sheet of paper and leave with a professional looking CV which should hopefully improve their chances as a job applicant.

Fitting it around my degree

This year is an extremely busy year for me as it is the final year of my PhD. Fortunately the Careers Service team has been very supportive and flexible with the hours I work.

How I've benefited

As my profession lies within the field of speech and language therapy, I rely heavily on my communication and interpersonal skills in my ability to perform work related tasks. I strongly feel that working with the Careers Service has allowed me to continue to develop and enhance these skills, as my role almost exclusively involves direct face-to-face contact with students and graduates.

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