Head of Music, Newcastle Student Radio (NSR)


Charlotte Bovill, 3rd year Media, Communication and Cultural Studies

Why I got involved

I was looking for something different than what I do in university. Student radio seemed really fun and was something I hadn’t done before. I’d get the chance to interview some of the bands or artists that come to Newcastle, whilst working with a great team of people who are like-minded and have the same interests. I thought this experience would also be valuable when looking for a job as it would help me to stand out. When I have had interviews it is something employers have been really interested in.

Main roles and activities

I am Head of Music at NSR, this is the second year I have had this role which I share with two other people. My role involves creating a weekly playlist for the radio, which is played alongside the music the presenters want to play. I organise interviews and reviews with bands and artists that come to Newcastle and I present on the radio. I also make sure that everything during the show runs smoothly.

Most enjoyable aspect

Once I finish interviewing the artists I sometimes hang out and have fun with them, have a drink or maybe go to their performance. It is also enjoyable having a professional role and knowing that I am actually making a difference and applying myself somewhere, rather than just writing an essay. It is also fun getting to work with friends and play good music.

How I've benefited

I am able to develop my practical media skills, there is not much opportunity to do this in my degree. The degree is fun, but the radio keeps me entertained and I am gaining new skills. I have had the chance to meet a lot of friends, and develop my CV.
I take the Career Development Module and I use my work as the Head of Music in NSR, so it really works with my schedule now. Before it felt like quite a lot extra, but now it has become part of my degree. In my report for the module I include what I am doing and learning, as well as the skills I am gaining. When it comes to applications and interviews I can talk to employers about something different, not just about my degree or my results.

The challenges

A lot of it depends on the technology, sometimes the radio doesn’t even work and we can’t stream it. I’ve had to think how else we can get people’s content out there so we’ve created platforms like mixcloud and soundcloud. Technology is the main difficulty. Also, it can be hard to take action as there are over 100 members and it’s hard communicating to all of them. Keeping up with emails is also difficult because you receive lots emails each day and have to be organised.

Advice for other students

I’d recommend joining various societies as you can learn a lot but also have fun. You can be creative, especially in NSR, and you don’t need to follow any ‘formula.’ Just remember that everybody starts in the same position, we all have little experience at the beginning.
I’d definitely say to join in, not just the NSR but also The Courier or TCTV. A lot of the time we tend to mix up the societies as well, we will interview on the radio and then TCTV will record it. It will give you more practical, as well as employable skills.


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