Production Assistant, TCTV


Elvira Jusuf, 2nd year Media, Communication and Cultural Studies 

Why I got involved

Because I like the practical side of media – in the first year of my course there was only one practical module, but it is the area of media I am most interested in. I joined TCTV after my friend recommended I should explore this type of media. I thought I could learn about how the media industry works, specifically broadcasting media, as well as develop my organisational and time management skills. It also looked really fun, and it was a good opportunity to make new friends with the same interests.

Main roles and activities

I work as the Production Assistant and Editor in TCTV - I film shows and then edit the video to be published later.

Most enjoyable aspect

Being the person behind the camera - it’s really fun to see the show this way and to know the behind the scenes situation. Filming can be hilarious and I treat this as entertainment instead of responsibility. Also, seeing your hard work being published and watched by many people! It’s rewarding when everyone appreciates your work, especially when you’ve spent lots of time in the production and editing sessions. When they first released my video I couldn’t be more proud.

How I've benefited

I’ve learnt the practical side of media which is something that I couldn’t get from my modules. I learnt how to operate the camera, edit the video, and add content. Being able to turn our ideas into a new show is fun. It’s interesting to do something new – from this you can discover your strengths and how to solve problems, which is a useful experience to have when applying for jobs.

The challenges

At first I had no idea how to navigate and edit programs as it was different from the one I’m used to using. However, everyone was happy to help and they also hold workshops. Also, sometimes you can have deadlines from your course which can clash. Editing can be time consuming, so good time management is needed.

Advice for other students

Basically just do it! If you have deadlines you can inform the TCTV director and re-arrange - they’ll understand. They respect your responsibilities and usually there is more than one editor in the show. You don’t have to be media student to join in - if you have an interest in film, music, cinematography or just curious about the television industry, just sign up! You can learn loads of new skills, and it opens up your networking too.


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