Comment Editor, The Courier


Sunil Nambiar, 2nd year Media, Communications and Cultural Studies

Why I got involved

I started writing weekly for different sections of the Courier in my first-year at university. I thought it would be a valuable way to develop and express my opinions.

Main roles and activities

I’m one of three sub-editors working on the Courier’s comment section. After receiving all our article submissions we spend Wednesday to Friday in the office editing the articles, working on accompanying images and laying it up onto a soft-copy of our newspaper.

Most enjoyable aspect

It is good fun, and satisfying when all your work comes together.

How I've benefited

Being part of the Courier’s editorial team as a Comment Editor has allowed me to play a role in gathering differing standpoints from the student body. This can be from debates on Halloween and cultural appropriation, to the American presidency and foreign policy.

The challenges

For both the writers and the editors it’s about working towards a deadline and keeping to it. It definitely helps that we’re a tight-knit team and love what we do. I’m quite disciplined about timetabling, which has helped me balance different commitments.

Advice for other students

There are understandable qualms when first getting involved. Don’t get intimidated – if you’re interested in writing then write as much as possible for as many sections as you can, and get a good grasp of what your interests are. It’s about doing and trying as much as you possibly can, and enjoying yourself.


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