Rise Up Intern


Kristina Suneviciute, 3rd year Computer Science

Why I got involved

I have always been interested in entrepreneurship because my family runs a little shop. I hope to work for myself at some point and I have participated in Rise Up activities before, so when I heard about the Rise Up Internship opportunity it sounded like a great experience. I thought it would be great to work with the Rise Up team and people who have already started their own businesses. I also wanted to show other students that you don’t have to be great at everything to be an entrepreneur because it’s something that you can learn, so anyone can do it. I wanted to give the courage to students to do what they want to do and educate them about what an entrepreneur actually is.

Main roles and activities

As an intern we are involved in planning and organising everything for Rise Up events, from catering to emailing students. We are also involved in the delivery of any Rise Up competitions. Our aim is promote the Rise Up service and engage students with this part of the Careers Service. Many students don’t know that if they have a business idea, they can speak to a Business Adviser for free. We’re trying to educate students about the services on offer and get them interested.

Most enjoyable aspect

The fact that it’s really flexible! Basically you can work at any time as long as you let the rest of the team know when you will be in the office. It really fits around your education because the Rise Up team don’t want you to sacrifice your studies, they understand that you have other responsibilities.

How I've benefited

Meeting people from the Newcastle entrepreneur scene. A lot of people don’t realise the scale of the Newcastle entrepreneur scene. Once you get into this world you get to know more about local entrepreneurs and start-ups and attend their events. The role has met my expectations because I want to hear about how entrepreneurs got started and what they are doing now. It has opened up other opportunities and possibilities and I’ve been able to network and meet new people.

The challenges

Student engagement. Sometimes you think you’ve already spread the word about Rise Up, but actually people still don’t really know about it. It’s a challenge to know how to engage the students and how to let everyone know about the services on offer.

Advice for other applicants

I would advise other applicants to be proactive. Before I got the internship I emailed the Rise Up team and asked about how the internship would work, what it is about and what sort of people they are looking for. Try to make a bit of an impression and show that you are really enthusiastic about the job. Be confident too, especially in terms of team activities. Even if you are quiet, you need to put yourself out there. They need to know that you’ll be able to educate the other students.



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