Rise Up Intern


Juliet Fleming, Fine Art graduate

Why I got involved

Since graduating, I set up a studio at the New Bridge Project along with another graduate from the Newcastle University Fine Art degree programme. Then I found this opportunity to be part of the University again, and to gain more skills whilst also raising awareness of what the Rise Up service can offer to students. I think this is a great opportunity, and I’m happy to be the first Newcastle graduate to be accepted as a Rise Up Intern.

Main roles and activities

As a Rise Up Intern, our job is about event management, marketing and communication. Some of the activities I have been involved with have included assisting with the Career Service and Rise Up events programme and even having the opportunity to deliver workshops to students.

Most enjoyable aspect

It is all about taking initiative and looking to see where you can make a difference. It’s different from my experience at Newcastle University on a degree programme, but there is a lot of cross over. I guess the most enjoyable thing about the job is the flexible nature of the work, as you can work on which ever area you think needs improving.

How I've benefited

What we’re doing here is marketing and event management, which is what I do as an artist because I have to market my work. We host shows which need a lot of planning and also marketing, such as designing posters, and promoting the events through social media. The skills I have gained have been really valuable as an artist in the modern age.

The challenges

Trying to reach more creative sectors is difficult. The way creative people think is different to the way the business world thinks and this is why I’m trying to be the bridge between them. A lot of my artist friends don’t understand how the Rise Up service can help but there are so many elements that are really helpful that they don’t know about. I’m tapping into the alumni and graduate market that current students wouldn’t be able to reach.

Advice for other applicants

If you want to apply then I would recommend working on your presentation skills for the group interview. Speak slowly and calmly and make sure you know what you are talking about. It’s also important to make sure that you know what Rise Up offers and use relevant examples of what you have done in the past to demonstrate your skills.

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