Rise Up Intern

Quonya Huff

Quonya Huff, MA Heritage Management

Why I got involved

I got involved with the Careers Service because as a student I wanted a job on campus and I find that the advice and support that I have received from the office has been invaluable.

Main roles and activities

Some of the activities I have been involved with have included working in The Elevator, assisting with the Newcastle University Enterprise Programme and even having the opportunity to deliver workshops to graduate students.

Most enjoyable aspect

The position is interesting because there isn’t really a specific job description. It is all about taking initiative and looking to see where you can make a difference. The most enjoyable thing about the job is the flexible nature of the work, you can work on which ever area you think needs improving.

Most rewarding aspect

Getting to know the students and alumni is very rewarding. I am always surprised and amazed by their enthusiasm and energy for their dreams, and how dedicated they are to achieving their goals. My favourite experience was delivering the XING workshop to students. It was tremendously fun and really interesting to hear some of the business ideas that the students generated.

Fitting it around my degree

The intern position is very flexible around my academic studies. As an MA student I find my modules are very time consuming. However being an intern can sometimes help as a much needed break from my intense studies.

How I've benefited

I think that my networking skills have been improved. The first event I attended as an intern was solely for networking purposes and I had no idea what to do with myself. Now I can safely say that my confidence levels are better than ever. I now feel comfortable meeting new people, giving presentations and giving advice.

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