Rise Up Intern


Katherine Louise Tomlinson, 3rd year in Politics

Why I got involved

It looked like a really interesting job. I’d attended the Rise Up Boot Camp last summer and I met some of the last group of Rise Up Interns there. The job sounded really appealing, I thought I would enjoy talking to the students and getting involved with extra-curricular activities.

Main roles and activities

As a Rise up Intern our job is to support the Rise Up team within the Career Service. Mostly it involves organising events for students to get involved in Rise Up activities and creating online resources. We are essentially a student engagement team trying to get more students to access the Rise Up service.

Fitting it around my degree

We made a rota at the beginning of term to fit our work as interns around our lectures. It took a bit of organising but the Rise Up team are really flexible. If we are busy with exams we will be given less work because exams come first.

The challenges

As an intern you are integrated into the real word of work and I had no idea how it works at first. I guess the biggest obstacle is balancing the job with our studies. It’s not an easy job but it is really rewarding.

How I've benefited

The internship has helped me develop skills in event organisation, team-working and communication, as well as allowing me to put theoretical knowledge from my degree into practice. The opportunity will be a fantastic addition to my CV and a brilliant example to give in interviews.

Advice for other applicants

If you would like to apply, firstly just get to know about what the Rise Up team do. Come to our events such as NCL Apprentice and the Rise Up Boot Camp to see what we provide for students and how it works. I would also suggest just being yourself during the interview.


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