Student Communications Team (SCT)

Amy Priestley

Amy Priestley, 2nd year Town Planning

Why I got involved

I joined the Student Communications Team for a number of reasons: I wanted to give something back to the University, to become a part of the institution which has given me so many amazing experiences over the past two years, and I wanted to pass on my enthusiasm for education, training and skill development to fellow students and graduates.

Main roles and activities

Being part of team can involve a huge variety of tasks, roles and responsibilities; from promoting the Careers Service events like the Lions Lair Challenge, to helping out at career exhibition events and manning telephones at the annual telephone survey.

Most enjoyable aspect

I really enjoy facing new challenges which push me to improve my personal skills and find new ways of helping and dealing with people. The job is never dull; the variety of activities and tasks are extensive, there is always some new challenge to tackle or some new project to be involved with. I love working with such a fantastic team; you can really tell that the guys at the Careers Service really do genuinely care about every individual student and that they truly have a passion for their jobs.

Most rewarding aspect

I think seeing students getting more involved with the Careers Service projects such as the Lions Lair Challenge are very rewarding. The project involved asking students for their own creative, wacky and wonderful enterprising ideas. It was fantastic to see people generating their own ideas and getting involved with something that could ultimately launch their career.

Fitting it around my degree

The work is really casual and flexible. It only actually involves committing the odd hour or two on a regular basis. I don’t find working for the Careers Service a chore at all, in fact I love being involved and working with the Careers team.

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