Sports Volunteer

Sean Smart, 2nd year Biomedical Sciences

Why I got involved

I was particularly interested in becoming a volunteer as I had undertaken a lot of volunteer work during my gap year. I enjoyed the experience so much that I wanted to continue being involved with voluntary projects.

Main roles and activities

As a sports volunteer I am mainly involved with the Princes Trust, however I have also worked in the looked after children sessions and Young Enterprise days. There are always a wide range of activities available to be involved with. I have tried to experience working with a diverse range of different people and organisations during my eighteen months as a volunteer, from working with vulnerable children and adults to organising University tournaments for charity.

Most enjoyable aspect

It’s hard to pick one thing that stands out as being the most enjoyable part of volunteering with the Sports Centre. There are so many enjoyable aspects to being involved with such a worthwhile scheme, the opportunities I have had are invaluable. I have formed so many wonderful memories along the way which I will remember forever. I have met a diverse range of people, worked with children and students, helped vulnerable groups, experienced a wide range of fun activities and made a really good set of friends along the way.

Most rewarding aspect

Personally I find helping other people really rewarding particularly working with the Princes Trust scheme. I have got so much out of working with the kids involved in the scheme, seeing them experiencing new things, working together and having a great time whilst doing it, really gives you a huge sense of fulfillment and personal pride. The highlight of my volunteering so far was the looked after children event last year where children joined together to take part in a multisport session; seeing my group having a great time street dancing and attempting to do head stands was priceless.

Fitting it around my degree

The opportunities are really flexible so you can commit when you want. Marc and Sarah are really understanding and always make sure that you are dedicating enough time to your degree. If you can’t commit much during term time there are always plenty of opportunities during the holidays so I tend to do more volunteering then.

How I've benefited

Being a volunteer has exposed me to opportunities I otherwise wouldn't have dreamed of experiencing. The skills have been invaluable both for future employment and preparing me for life after University. I have experienced such a variety of opportunities that I feel I am prepared for any challenge that may come my way in the future. I have gained awards through the Sports Volunteer Programme; I currently have a level one volleyball and basketball coaching award which should help me stand out as an employable candidate amongst other applicants when I start applying for graduate jobs in the near future.

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