JobsOC Student Temp


Chloe Yong, 3rd year Agriculture Business Management

Why I got involved

Because of the flexibility of the programme, I can work whenever I want. And there are a lot of different types of jobs too, so I can learn to adapt as well.

Main roles and activities

I work part-time around Newcastle University campus, so each job is different. I’ve tried lots of different things – from events and catering to administration.

Most enjoyable aspect

My favourite job is the midnight library shift because it is pretty quiet. I also like the assignments for campus events because you get the chance to meet a lot of people.

How I've benefited

I’ve met lots of different people – both other JobsOC students and the university staff I work with. It’s also a good chance to make friends with people from different courses.

The challenges

Adapting – especially at the start of each new job, because the situations are always different. Today I can work in one department, tomorrow in another, so I need to be able to adapt quite quickly. But the people I work with are really friendly and helpful, so it’s been a wonderful journey!

Advice for other applicants

Definitely apply, because it’s really beneficial. The hours are flexible, which is really important while you’re studying - just be aware of managing your time effectively. Do what you enjoy as well, because here you can challenge yourself and learn new things!


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