Entrepreneurial Spirit

Rise Up - enabling enterprising people and entrepreneurial values.

This award recognises the passion, vision and drive required to run your own business.

Business is a risk activity, even if it doesn’t work out the way you think it will, you aren’t the same person after you’ve tried it.” Prof. Max Robinson, Newcastle University’s Rise Up Entrepreneur and Founder Director of Kromek.

This award recognises the individual or team who has demonstrated real personal growth as a result of running their own business. The judges are less interested in profit and loss and more interested in you and what you have taken from the experience – how you tackled the issues, challenges and opportunities that surfaced along the way.


2013 winner

ncl+ entrepreneurial spirit award winner 2013

James O'Donovan (Stage 4 Medicine)

James has set up and run numerous businesses including:

  • Higher Standards - a non-profit fair trade organisation;
  • USS Medical Ltd - a widening access to medicine scheme;
  • Diapet - a blood glucose monitor for children, and;
  • The Golden Games Organisation Ltd - a sporting festival aimed to increase mobility of older people.

'Higher Standards' has helped to fund building a children's hospital in Uganda, and school tuition for over 100 children.