Mudlove presents…The DJ Society

DJ performing

Marcus Rowland, BSc Hons Biology

The initial plan of the project was to create a club night that could act as an opportunity for the DJs in the newly-formed DJ Society to play to a crowd of their fellow students. This would hopefully start off a series of nights which would eventually provide a constant stream of opportunities for anyone joined with the DJ Soc. I also intended to promote my own music blog as a brand and spread some interest in it.

I think we were lucky enough that these goals were more or less completed. Three DJs registered with the society played along with a local resident DJ.

I think that I have become better at talking to people in a more objective manner. I have also become more organised and confident when talking to people as a result. The ability to have a clear idea in your head and transfer that into being, changing and adapting along the way, but without losing sight of the original outcome, was an important one throughout.

The meeting I had with the Careers Service was a great opportunity in which I was given some invaluable advice on how to improve my ideas. I thought they were really helpful and gave me a lot of confidence. One of the most successful ideas they helped me with was setting up outside the union for an afternoon and having some DJ Soc DJs to play. Although it was in fact raining that afternoon, we managed to get hold of a gazebo and had a great afternoon, plenty of passers-by were interested and I think we really benefited from it.

I was really impressed with the Careers Service. We had a great brainstorming session and they really helped me develop my ideas for the continuation of this project. The financial support obviously helped too, taking a little financial pressure of my own shoulders.