Rise Up Entrepreneurs' Question Time

Location: King's Gate Visitor Centre
Time/Date: 3rd May 2012, 17:00 - 19:00

Ever thought about starting your own business? Want to know how to go about it and how Newcastle University can help? Then the Rise Up Entrepreneurs' Question Time is for you!

We're giving you the chance to find out what Rise Up is and hear from some of our current and past students/graduates who have successfully started their own ventures with our help.


Chloe Booth - Owleyes
Owleyes specialises in homemade jewellery and vintage accessories. Chloe started working on the idea for Owleyes in late 2011, after spending two years making and selling jewellery as a hobby. Rise Up has provided business support and advice, and also awarded Chloe a start-up grant to help with the development of the business. 


Roland Glancy & Simon Barker - Radfan 
Roland and Simon started working on the idea for Radfan in February 2011. Radfan specialises in ways to feel warmer, for less. Rise Up has provided consistent support and guidance, a credible sounding board, fantastic facilities and TLC! 

Charlie Warburg & Will Clowes - Uni Car Ads
Charlie and Will started working on the idea for Uni Car Ads near the end of 2011. The aim of the business is to provide a new medium of advertising by placing large adverts on the doors and bonnets of student cars that are parked along frequently-used walking routes in densely populated student areas. Rise Up has provided Charlie and Will with access to desks, phones, printers to work from on a daily basis at no cost in the Elevator. As well as that they have had access to business advisers, investors and grants through the Rise Up Pitch.

Jack Payne & Robert Grisdale - Grand Scheme Bike Share 
Rob and Jack started in 2009 with Scratchbikes - the university bike hire scheme that went on to become city-wide in Newcastle upon Tyne. Grand Scheme now offers their knowledge and technology to other organisations. Rise Up provided the right conditions for the idea to be conceived, funding to get going, office space to run the company and essential advice throughout. See more about Scratchbikes in our Rise Up success stories.

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Published: 17th April 2012