Language Learning

The Open Access Language Centre

Improve your language and communication skills, learn a new language or improve your English at the Language Resource Centre.

The Centre has self-study resources in over 150 languages. There are facilities to:

  • access a range of Language Learning Software
  • watch foreign television programmes via a media streaming service
  • view an international film with friends
  • read well known literature in a different language

You can also:

  • sign up to a Language Taster to try out a new language
  • take part in Language Conversation Group to improve your speaking skills
  • use the Tandem system to be paired up with a buddy student who speaks the language you want to learn


  • Language skills are increasingly valued by employers.
  • Communicate with new people and gain friends.
  • Improve your cultural awareness.

Skills you could develop

You could develop many skills but particularly:

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