Student Communications Team

Members of the Student Communication Team

The Student Communications Team (SCT) consists of around 15-20 undergraduate and postgraduate students. The team helps to promote and raise the profile of the Careers Service and its events on campus.

They have access to many paid opportunities in the Careers Service, from giving lecture shouts to helping at fairs and events throughout the year.


  • Opportunity to enhance your CV with marketing and publicity experience.
  • A chance to put your skills into practice – from creativity to working in a team.
  • Exposure to recruiters on campus and a chance to network.
    'My CV is now more complete with a range of skills tailored towards any opportunity that may come my way. My communication, commercial awareness, patience, organisational and teamwork skills have been invaluably enhanced during the time I have worked on the SCT.'
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Skills you could develop

You could develop many skills but particularly:

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This opportunity is offered by the Careers Service.