Street Scientist

Street Scientist

Are you passionate about science, technology, engineering or maths? Would you like to inspire the public on Tyneside to explore these subjects further?

If yes, you would make a great Street Scientist.

The Street Science Team is made up of 35 undergraduate and postgraduate Newcastle University students who work via community events, festivals and during busy times in the City Centre to engage people of all ages in science, engineering and maths.

Using household objects they create fun, simple science experiments that can be taken on to the streets and demonstrated to the public. After amazing their audience, the Street Scientists explain the scientific phenomena behind what has been seen, encouraging them to explore science further via the University and Street Science websites.



  • Become an expert science communicator.
  • Receive extensive training in presentation, public speaking, inspiring others, leadership and communication.
  • Learn how to work effectively with others in changing and dynamic teams.
  • Access excellent networking opportunities for community, events and education in the North East.
  • Earn money!


Skills you could develop

You could develop many skills but particularly:

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