Regulations, Policies and Procedures

Student's in lecture

In accepting an offer of a place at the University, commencing or registering for a programme of study, all students accept the rules and regulations of the University and agree to pay appropriate fees.

The nature of University provision is very complex and there are a variety of policies, procedures and regulations that apply. You should note that all procedures are subject to annual / periodic review.

Students are advised to particularly note the following.

We have organised many key Regulations and Policies, and other useful guidance, to match the divisions of the Student Charter - please see the left hand menu.

Other policies that we think may be helpful are also linked from the left hand menu. Please be aware that there are many other areas of University activity for which there are regulations and policies but we have not linked them from this page. If there are any that you are particularly interested in please search the University website.

The Student Progress Service manages a number of Regulations and Policies on behalf of the University. These are also accessible from left hand menu and we have often included additional guidance or advice.