Volunteers wanted: 8-week dietary intervention trial



‘Sunshine eggs’: a novel vitamin D enriched food to improve vitamin D status in UK consumers? Healthy Caucasian and South Asian volunteers aged 18-35 years needed for an 8-week dietary intervention trial from January to March 2017.


The Institute for Agri-Food Research and Innovation (IAFRI) are conducting a randomised control trial investigating the effect of vitamin D enriched eggs on vitamin D status, muscle function, bone health and cardiovascular health in young people living in the North East. 


The trial will involve two visits to the NU-Food research facility based at Newcastle University.


At each visit we will record your body measurements, and ask you to provide a small blood

sample, a blood pressure reading and perform a simple handgrip strength test. 


Dietary, health and lifestyle and sun exposure information will be collected by questionnaire. 


For 8 weeks you will be asked to consume either no more than 2 eggs a week or 7 eggs a week. 


If you are required to eat 7 eggs per week you will not know if they are regular eggs or vitamin D enriched eggs. 


You will be telephoned weekly to see how you are progressing with the study. 


You may be randomly selected to participate in an audio-recorded focus group discussion of 


your experiences of participating, one month after completion of the trial.


A £20 Amazon voucher will be given for your time in addition to the reimbursement of reasonable travel expenses involved in taking part in the study. 


If you are interested in participating or would like further information please email: sunshine.eggs@ncl.ac.uk 


published on: 22nd November 2016